Esa Lukala
Lukala Visions Oy

LUKALA VISIONS OY is a fashion design studio based in Helsinki, specializing in casual, sports and leatherwear clothing. With over 30 years experience in the industry he has designed brands and for clients at the highest level in Finland.

Head designer Esa Lukala has designed for Friitala Oy, Oratop Oy, Reima Oy, Piretta P.T.A. Oy and L-Fashion Group Oy, only to name few. With his experience and understanding of clients needs he ensures a close working relationship resulting in successful work both commercially and aesthetically.

He also has in depth knowledge of elaborate clothing design for exceptional circumstances, incorporating engineered projects based on human and garment physiology. Prime examples being designs for the Finnish Olympic Team 1980-1984, and The Finnish Army, during 1981-1992.

Esa Lukala has been awarded with The Golden Cloth-hanger 1995. The Prize of Honour from the Finnish Fashion Designers Ry. 1990 and The Ruben Jaari Prize 1988. In 1993, 1997 and in 2003 Esa Lukala was also awarded a working grant to New York by The Finnish Foundation For The Visual Arts.

Currently Esa Lukala is also the senior lecturer at Lahti University of Applied Sciences in Fashion Design.

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